Monday, December 17, 2007

NaNoWriMo is Over, and December almost is!

Where has December gone? Am I the only one who woke up today and realized it's only a week till Christmas? Of course, I've spent the last ten days being really sick with a rotten maybe I have some excuse.

Somehow or other, I managed to get the Christmas decorations up. And today, I found my favorite Christmas record. That's right: record. Read vinyl... 33 1/3 RPM, monaural..... For some reason, it just never quite seems like Christmas until I play this record. I know that I should transfer it to a CD, especially now that it's seen a few years and has started to stick toward the end... Maybe one of these days I will. I just wonder if it would seem the same if I saved it as a CD, or made it into an MP3...

Still, today, I played my favorite Christmas record. Today, it feels like Christmas. The decorations have been up since the beginning of the month. I've played all kinds of Christmas music on the CD player as well as my own guitar... Is there one special piece of music that says Christmas to you? If there is, I hope you've been playing it. Merry Christmas, and remember the real meaning of the season: God wanted to save us from ourselves, and He had to send Himself to do it!