Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stormy Weather

If you're a writer who depends on electricity and especially on a computer of some sort, what do you do when the weather gets impossible, as it has been lately in the midsection of the US? Do you

  • Risk life, limb and hard drive by typing during thunderstorms?
  • Write in longhand?
  • Use an old-fashioned manual typewriter (which, incidentally, is usually made of metal and could also conceivably draw lightning)?
  • Decide that since it's storming, you should do something else, like curl up with a good book?

I've been facing that a lot lately. Spring has arrived, and with it, masses of unsettled weather. So far, I've still managed to work on a manuscript, but only when it isn't storming. When it is, I've

  • Taken notes in longhand on a future novel
  • Sorted laundry
  • Gone through a lot of my To Be Read pile
  • Cleaned out drawers and sorted clothes

I could go on, but I hear thunder....