Saturday, April 2, 2011

How Do You Write When You're Sick?

If  you're me, the answer is probably: "Badly." However, if you have the constraints of a deadline (which I currently do not, though I wish I did!), you have to tough through it somehow. How do I think I'll do when I have to push ahead despite feeling dreadful? Will I
  • write anyway even though I'm afraid it's complete drivel and hope there's something I can salvage in editing?
  • not write and feel guilty, knowing I'll have to work extra hard as the deadline approaches?
  • call my agent or editor and explain and hope they can extend the deadline?
  • ask for help?
Currently, when I am too sick to work on my main project, I am sometimes still able to work on plotting for an upcoming project. That's what I did today, when the pounding headache & nausea I'd been struggling to believe wasn't the same virus that's been plaguing my mother finally convinced me that it was.

If you're a writer, with or without deadlines, what do you do? Please share your ideas and suggestions with me! Sorry there's no prize for the best post, but I will post a link to your reply on Facebook, so others can share your insight!


Janet Tronstad said...

Hope -- that's a tough question. I usually just go to bed and forget about my deadline. Usually, the deadline isn't that day so I just have to work harder later.

Hope Chastain said...

Thanks, Janet! That's a truly helpful suggestion, and one I'd better consider. :)

Eva Maria Hamilton said...

Really depends on how bad I feel. If it's too awful, I would just go to bed in the hopes of getting well quicker.

Hope you and your mother feel better soon!