Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My mother and I were discussing our annual Christmas album this morning. Every year, when we're able, we like to put together an album of public-domain Christmas music for our family and close friends. It's a gift that takes time and thought, not just money. When we first started out, we used recording tape or cassettes, but since I got a recording program for the house computer, we've been using that.

Oddly enough, Wave (.wav) files take up a lot of disk space. MP3 and MP4 files (like the ones playable on an iPod®) are much more compact. Because of the way they compress the sound, however, most digital recording programs don't use them. After a few years of recording Christmas and other sundry music, our hard drive has filled up to the point where I need to delete some files. No deletion, no room for new music (or books, articles, or photos)!

I started going through the files yesterday to see what I could delete. Looking for an empty place to put files I wanted to keep, I couldn't find an available CD-ROM.

When I told Mom about it this morning, it got me to thinking about computers in general. I said something about being glad that God's hard drive never fills up. She suggested that sounded like a blog to her, so here I am!

Just think about it. God has created billions of people over the years, and He knows everything about each one of them from the beginning of time to the end. He has kept track of you from the moment you came into existence. Knows all about the grades you made in school. Knows about your first love...and your second...and your third... Keeps a loving eye on you at all times, even when you're not walking with Him.

God's computer has it all on record. His hard drive never runs out of space. It always has room for more. His computer never crashes. He'll never lose touch with you, even if you deliberately try to lose touch with Him. And why? Because He loves you.

So the next time you're upset because your hard drive is too full, or your computer just crashed, or you can't access a file, remember: God loves you, and He'll help you through it, if you'll let Him.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book Review: STEADFAST SOLDIER, by Cheryl Wyatt

When I discovered Cheryl Wyatt was doing a promotional tour for her upcoming June release, STEADFAST SOLDIER, I jumped at the chance to be part of it. Why? Because Cheryl always delivers a great romantic read with characters going through true-to-life situations, enhanced with humor and undergirded with faith. This latest book is a worthy addition to her Wings of Refuge series.

For those of you who may not already be familiar with the series, Wings of Refuge is the story of an elite team of Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. Each of these brave heroes has his own journey to faith and love.

Chance Garrison, a hard case, found faith in an earlier novel. Now he’s found purpose: to help troubled youth at his church in addition to his military job. Having lost his mother not long ago, his heart’s desire is to marry and have children while he’s still young enough to enjoy them. Enter Chloe Callett, a feisty Occupational Therapist assigned to help Chance’s father recover the use of his arm after a massive stroke.

Chloe has emotional scars that don’t show on the surface. Her life’s work, rescuing animals and training them as furry therapists, possesses all her thoughts. She’s not about to let some incredibly hunky Airman derail her from her purpose in life. Or is she?

Set in the town of Refuge, Illinois, STEADFAST SOLDIER will warm your heart. Getting to visit with old friends from the series is another perk. There are some interesting surprises in this book. If you’ve never read any of the PJ novels, this will be a great place to start!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meaningful Easter...

This Good Friday, our church put on its first-ever Easter Pageant (at least since I've been there). It was a gigantic undertaking for a not-huge church, and there were times we wondered whether we would pull it off. We should have known better. With all the prayer we had going for us, it had to be a success, and it was.

Despite thunderstorms, the auditorium was packed, and the audience overflowed into the fellowship hall to watch by closed-circuit TV. According to one attendee, they were transported back to ancient Israel. I know I was.

When our minister of music asked me, a month into rehearsals, to take on the part of Jesus' mother Mary, I was honored that he thought I could handle it. I'd missed the previous practices due to Mom's & my getting sick after Christmas and taking a while to recover. When I went online looking for a similar version to the solo, I saw some impressive talent. "The Day He Wore My Crown" is a beautiful, poignant song. How many times have we known that Jesus was crucified in our place, but never stopped to consider that crown of thorns should have been placed on our heads? It gave me real cause to think.

It also gave me a lot of trouble. Once I put myself in Mary's sandals, I couldn't sing it. During Holy Week, we think of Jesus' passion and suffering, but don't often think of the pain his mother endured. I know I hadn't thought about that aspect. I thought about his disciples, his friends, about the Lord Himself, but not about His mother and how she must have recalled Simeon's telling her "a sword will pierce thine own soul also."

It took me a long time just to be able to sing along with the soundtrack. I'd get so far, and then the enormity of the words would hit me, and I'd break down. At last, I got to where I could sing it with the choir backing me up.

Then we practiced the music for the first time with our Jesus singing with us. We sang "Behold the Lamb" as he stood there fastened to the cross in jeans and a t-shirt. For the first time, he spoke the words uttered so long ago in another language: "Father, into Thy hands I commit my spirit. It is finished." My musical cue came. I walked downstage, opened my mouth, and burst into tears.

Despite no one's being in costume, the reality of what we were doing pierced my soul. Jesus was crucified for me. He did wear my crown. And He would have done it if I'd been the only sinner ever born. What we represented really did happen in ancient Judea. Jesus really died. Really was buried. Really rose again in a body like we can't imagine on that Sunday morning. Really is coming again to reign for a thousand years before the earth is made new.

I asked for, and received, prayer, and I got through the song, not only that first proper rehearsal, but all the subsequent ones, and our Good Friday presentation. That's not to say I didn't cry. If I hadn't cried, if that song, meaning what it did, hadn't brought me to tears, if I hadn't been so touched by it, neither would anyone else.

So, as Holy Week draws to a close, ask yourself whether you've ever personalized what Jesus did for you. If you haven't, can you think of a better time than now? After all, the present is all we have.

Photo by Kathleen C. Davis, (c) 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One thing about being a writer...

...or a reader...

It gives you an imagination. Or, maybe you have the imagination to start with, and that's why you end up a reader and writer.

Looking out at the snow and ice on our trees, it looked like a famous fictional place. See if you don't agree....

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ice Storm of 2010

It all started with freezing rain....that turned to sleet......that turned to snow.......
We had three inches as the sun was going down. Now it's at least seven. We'll try to get more pictures tomorrow, DV.