Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My mother and I were discussing our annual Christmas album this morning. Every year, when we're able, we like to put together an album of public-domain Christmas music for our family and close friends. It's a gift that takes time and thought, not just money. When we first started out, we used recording tape or cassettes, but since I got a recording program for the house computer, we've been using that.

Oddly enough, Wave (.wav) files take up a lot of disk space. MP3 and MP4 files (like the ones playable on an iPod®) are much more compact. Because of the way they compress the sound, however, most digital recording programs don't use them. After a few years of recording Christmas and other sundry music, our hard drive has filled up to the point where I need to delete some files. No deletion, no room for new music (or books, articles, or photos)!

I started going through the files yesterday to see what I could delete. Looking for an empty place to put files I wanted to keep, I couldn't find an available CD-ROM.

When I told Mom about it this morning, it got me to thinking about computers in general. I said something about being glad that God's hard drive never fills up. She suggested that sounded like a blog to her, so here I am!

Just think about it. God has created billions of people over the years, and He knows everything about each one of them from the beginning of time to the end. He has kept track of you from the moment you came into existence. Knows all about the grades you made in school. Knows about your first love...and your second...and your third... Keeps a loving eye on you at all times, even when you're not walking with Him.

God's computer has it all on record. His hard drive never runs out of space. It always has room for more. His computer never crashes. He'll never lose touch with you, even if you deliberately try to lose touch with Him. And why? Because He loves you.

So the next time you're upset because your hard drive is too full, or your computer just crashed, or you can't access a file, remember: God loves you, and He'll help you through it, if you'll let Him.

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