Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book Review: STEADFAST SOLDIER, by Cheryl Wyatt

When I discovered Cheryl Wyatt was doing a promotional tour for her upcoming June release, STEADFAST SOLDIER, I jumped at the chance to be part of it. Why? Because Cheryl always delivers a great romantic read with characters going through true-to-life situations, enhanced with humor and undergirded with faith. This latest book is a worthy addition to her Wings of Refuge series.

For those of you who may not already be familiar with the series, Wings of Refuge is the story of an elite team of Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. Each of these brave heroes has his own journey to faith and love.

Chance Garrison, a hard case, found faith in an earlier novel. Now he’s found purpose: to help troubled youth at his church in addition to his military job. Having lost his mother not long ago, his heart’s desire is to marry and have children while he’s still young enough to enjoy them. Enter Chloe Callett, a feisty Occupational Therapist assigned to help Chance’s father recover the use of his arm after a massive stroke.

Chloe has emotional scars that don’t show on the surface. Her life’s work, rescuing animals and training them as furry therapists, possesses all her thoughts. She’s not about to let some incredibly hunky Airman derail her from her purpose in life. Or is she?

Set in the town of Refuge, Illinois, STEADFAST SOLDIER will warm your heart. Getting to visit with old friends from the series is another perk. There are some interesting surprises in this book. If you’ve never read any of the PJ novels, this will be a great place to start!

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