Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Review: DOCTOR TO THE RESCUE by Cheryl Wyatt

New this month in her Eagle Point Emergency series is Cheryl Wyatt's Doctor to the Rescue. Like all her books, this one features engaging characters and an intriguing plot.

Dr. Ian Shupe has returned home from a combat mission to become the head anesthesiologist at Eagle Point Emergency. His new mission: create a safe and loving home for the young daughter who believes he cares nothing for her. Raising Tia as a single dad would be hard enough if she knew and loved him already, but the mother who abandoned her for a boyfriend has kept all Ian's communications from her.

Bri Landis has problems of her own. She has a long repair list and a short time with which to repay a mortgage on Eagle Point's main tourist attraction: a Lodge and cabins set on many pristine lakeside acres. Without the help she is loathe to accept, the loan shark company will repossess the property and turn it into lakeside condos.

Worse yet, Bri and Ian have a tempestuous history. She considers him cold and heartless, while he thinks of her as the pesky sister of his friend Caleb, who is currently deployed overseas.

Cheryl weaves what might be an ordinary tale of love and romance into so much more. She delves deep into Ian and Bri's personalities and shows us why they feel and react the way they do.  Not only that, she gives us insight into Tia's reactions, and makes us love a small girl who hunts for fairies in the garden.

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