Monday, June 23, 2008

Ticked Off

I just saw a segment about summer bugs, i.e., ticks. In a departure from my usual blog fare, here's a cautionary word about ticks. If you live where there are ticks, or if you have pets, be sure to check every day to make sure you don't come down with some of the scary diseases that can happen after a tick has been attached to you for over twenty-four hours!

So, get those ticks off with tweezers, if you find any, and be on the look-out for red spots that spread. If you have those, get to the doctor for some antibiotics as soon as you can! (Tweezer tip: grab the body of the tick and pull slowly until it comes out. If you pull too fast, you can leave the head inside you.)

Another tip for getting rid of ticks came to me through the internet: liquid soap. I actually had occasion to use this tip last year, and it works. Take liquid soap, put onto a tissue or some cotton, and start rubbing the tick. If it hasn't gone too far in yet, it will come out. This is handy if you can't reach the spot with tweezers (e.g., the middle of your back). I discovered a tick right before our church band gave a concert at another church in the state next door, and the liquid soap trick rescued me!

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